Our Services

We invite you to explore the many day programs and community services available at Developmental Enrichment Centers (DEC), a faith-based, non-profit organization dedicated to serving developmentally disabled and medically fragile individuals in Arizona.


DEC provides a variety of programs for children, adults, and seniors who need assistance in learning basic life skills, have physical care needs, and who are looking for opportunities to meet new friends and explore their local community. As our clients grow, volunteer and job skill opportunities are explored. We also offer support services outside of our training programs, including: respite care, habilitation, attendant care, and family support.

Our programs provide specialized sensory-motor, cognitive, and communicative development, as well as social interaction and behavioral training. Personalized goals and skill sets are developed and expanded upon by activities, classes, and community outings. For our young clients, we also provide respite services that accommodate early release and special school holidays.

Our experienced staff supports each client’s individual growth and goals in a safe and loving environment, working in close coordination with the primary caregiver.

All of our center-based programs provide pickup and drop-off transportation services for those individuals residing at home. These fully equipped, wheelchair-accessible vans are also utilized for weekly outings into the community. In addition to our center-based programs, DEC offers in-home habilitation, attendant care, and respite services to provide relief to primary caregivers. These services are provided on a prescheduled basis throughout the week and on weekends as needed.

We encourage you to contact us today for a personal tour of our center and to find out how DEC can enrich the special individual in your life

Day Program Services:

DEC provides day treatment and training programs for adults and children who need assistance learning basic life skills, have physical care needs, desire increased social interaction, and require behavioral training. We recognize the importance of providing the best opportunity for each individual to grow at their own pace in a loving and supportive environment.

We offer the following day program services:

DTA Senior Program Services

Senior Day Program:
Day Treatment & Training
for Seniors

DTA Adult Day Program Services

Adult Day Program:
Day Treatment & Training
for Adults

DTS Summer Program

Children & Youth:
Day Treatment & Training
Summer Program

DTT After School Program

Children & Youth:
Day Treatment & Training
After School Program

Family Support Services:

Our family support program provides assistance individualized to the needs of each family situation. We offer a disability reference and lending library and assist with connecting you to other families through our secure On-Line family forum. Our Community Events Calendar directs you to information and events that impact our disability community. We also provide a directory of affiliated organizations offering additional information and advocacy resources.

Learn more about the following family support services.

  • On-Line Family Forum
  • Information and Advocacy Directory
  • Disability Resource and Lending Library

Home & Community Based Services:

While generally delivered as “In-Home Care,” these services provide an array of training, assistance, and support services designed to enable persons of any age who have a disability or long-term illness to learn better daily living skills, improve communication, and reduce maladaptive behaviors. Families are also supported through services that provide relief from daily caregiving responsibilities and direct care to the disabled or individual with long-term illness.

The following home based services are available:

  • Hourly Respite Care
  • Habilitation Training
  • Attendant Care

Adult Developmental Homes:

DEC is your connection between Adult Developmental Home care providers and the individuals with developmental disabilities that are unable to live on their own or with their families.  If you’re a licensed provider looking to give an adult aged 18 or older a caring home, or if your adult loved one is in need of a loving and caring home to live in, then contact DEC today!