Olivete Place will offer independent living for up to 8 adults with intellectual disabilities in upscale cottages. Residents are encouraged to make proactive choices that challenge and improve their life skills, social skills, leisure and recreation skills, as well as their work skills. Residents who live in Olivete Place independent living enjoy a high degree of autonomy, yet still benefit from the highly supervised and safe environment. Our Services We offer Center-Based Employment, Group-Supported Employment (community integrated); and Independent Employment. DEC has plans for an Urban Garden, Culinary program, and Housekeeping services.

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A Note from Joan Eveland

Owner/Innkeeper Maricopa Manor B&B Inn

In planning for our daughter Kimberly’s care we (Scott and I) decided to look at programs that offered habilitation resources and/or services. My research took me to a non-profit organization named Developmental Enrichment Centers (DEC), located in Glendale, Arizona and managed by Nancy Younger. After reading her and her husband’s (Sky) story about their son David, the history of DEC and their own dream of a facility to help individuals with developmental disabilities, I immediately thought of DEC as a possible answer to some of Kimberly’s needs. Ironically, at the same time, Scott and I were thinking about the future of Maricopa Manor Bed and Breakfast Inn and the possibility of an exit strategy. It was at that time that we realized that our property, albeit a bed and breakfast, could be repurposed and potentially a part of DEC.

I spoke to Amanda at Development Enrichment Centers to learn more about the organization, DEC’s services, and how Kimberly might benefit from what they could offer. While speaking to Amanda, I also introduced Maricopa Manor Bed and Breakfast Inn and the possibility of using our property in another way that could benefit DEC in the near future. The discussion led to an invitation to DEC’s ten-year anniversary celebration – after listening to Nancy’s presentation, learning still more about DEC, and meeting Sky, Nancy, staff, and volunteers, we knew that this venture was meant to be.

There were more discussions with Sky and Nancy and a visit to Maricopa Manor Bed and Breakfast Inn that revealed just how much the property was part of a dream that Nancy had some years ago. Nancy’s vision of a dedicated campus was the start of this chain of events. Olivete Place is the result of that dream.

Scott’s and my friendship with Sky and Nancy has grown quickly; we share common interests, goals, beliefs and, most importantly, the desire to have a facility available for teaching individuals with developmental disabilities. Olivete Place fulfills a dream that Nancy had in her heart. Today, the dream she shared with us is now a dream of ours as well.  

Joan Eveland
Maricopa Manor B&B Inn

Our Services

Starting in 2020, we will offer Center-Based Employment, Group-Supported Employment (community integrated); and Independent Employment. DEC haves plans for an Urban Garden, Culinary program, and Housekeeping services.

Questions & Answers

• Is this a group home, or assisted living?

No. This is a community-integrated, independent living and employment training facility for adults with intellectual disabilities.

• What does this mean to our neighborhood?

Olivete Place is a nurturing environment for permanent residents, training clients, staff, and the greater community. We’re actively reaching out to our neighbors to create positive neighborhood interactions.

• When will the property change from Maricopa Manor Bed and Breakfast Inn to Olivete Place?

January 2020.

• Will the facade and/or landscape change?

No. Any proposed changes or alterations are required to be reviewed by the Historic Preservation Office. As in the past, we will continue to keep the property in good standing with the HPO and the neighborhood.

• How will street traffic be affected?

There will be less street traffic overall. Monday through Friday, employment training clients will arrive at the start of the work day and depart by the end of the day. Most of our staff use Phoenix public transit.

• Will Olivete Place be using any street parking?

No. There will be no need for street parking. On-site parking will accommodate our regular staff. Also, there will be an additional number of parking spaces added to the southeast corner of the property.

• How does this affect neighborhood safety?

By most measures, Olivete Place will increase overall neighborhood safety. There will be regular hours of operation, no transient traffic and no evening and weekend events. Our background-checked, state-certified, safety conscious staff are concerned with the wellbeing of our residents and our neighbors. Having dependable regulars in the neighborhood increases safety for everyone.

• Will this add value to the neighborhood?

Olivete Place is all about positive interactions. Part of our employment training and focus on independent living involves offering services to the community. We have plans in motion for a proposed urban garden, a culinary program, and housekeeping services. An integrated and involved neighborhood is a benefit to everyone.

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