A Decade of
Difference Fundraiser

Celebrating A DECade of Difference

Over the last 10 years here at Developmental Enrichment Centers, frequently referred to simply as DEC, we have developed a unique, faith-based approach to increasing the independence and quality of life for each of our clients. It starts with our founding philosophy and core mission to reflect God’s love for individuals with developmental disabilities and their families through service, by providing a community to nurture the spiritual, emotional, and physical growth of all those we serve. This philosophy of service grounds everything we do at DEC, from individual goal-setting and activities to programs and social outings – it is our guiding compass.

From the time we pick up each person, and as they arrive at DEC, we are focused on helping each one greet a new day in a supportive, safe environment that makes everyone feel comfortable. Every day holds new possibilities for members and staff alike. The goal each day is for each person to grow the skills needed to reach their full potential – we find ways to help each one express likes and dislikes, let their personality shine through, and show off their sense of humor.

We encourage each one of our members to take control of their own life at their own pace and to their own potential. Activities at the center are based on individual needs, goals, and interests.

Through these foundational 10 years, we have built:

A Computer Lab

A Full Kitchen
With Prep Space

A Sensory Room

We have also:

  • created a program of social experiences,
  • outings,
  • culinary and horticultural participation opportunities,
  • scripture study,
  • daily music and artistic expression,
  • and life-skills building classes.

Our classes include:  health and wellness, household management, personal finances, safety, social skills, hygiene and grooming, manners and etiquette, daily physical recreation, cognitive enrichment, sensory integration, and fine motor skill development.

Specific programs have been put into action for a wide range of age groups and include:

  • our Adult Day Treatment and Training,
  • Senior Day Treatment and Training,
  • Summer DTS Program for Children and Youth,
  • and After-School Program.

Each time we have added an opportunity to expand the horizon for our beloved members, it has resulted in priceless personal accomplishments. It is a true joy to work alongside a member and bear witness to their progress.

At the end of the day, members leave DEC and arrive home to families who know they have had a day full of new experiences. These full days are rewarding for both our members and our staff. No matter what challenges have been faced, we know that ultimately, we are here to help our members get what they want, to do what they want to do, to help them create victories in independence, and to encourage them in those efforts.

During the past 10 years, we have provided over 650,000 hours of service to some of the most vulnerable and precious people in society. We cannot thank our donors and support community enough for sharing their gifts of time, talent, and funding with DEC. Together – donors, staff, and members – we have accomplished an amazing work – it cannot be overstated just how important the building of independence is to the people we are blessed to serve.

We are still called to our core mission – to reflect God’s love for the developmentally disabled and their families through service, by providing a community to nurture the spiritual, emotional, and physical growth of all those we serve.

DEC is looking ahead to further work in this mission. New growth is vital to creating more opportunities for serving families in the developmentally disabled community. An expansion across the Valley is needed to accommodate the people on our waiting list. This expansion will include supported and group employment opportunities, along with additional day program services. Still other potential clients are in desperate need of an expansion of in-home care and services. In order to roll out our eagerly anticipated Adult Foster Home services, DEC is looking to partner with loving couples who are willing to open their hearts and homes.

We are committed to enabling even the most profoundly affected individuals to have a chance to grow, expand their horizons, be expressive, and reach their potential.

Your impact on the DEC community is priceless and appreciated. Together, we can continue to create meaningful, vital services for the developmentally disabled and their families.