This is a promotion of the Senior Coach position and is considered entry level supervisory. Guarantees quality member care and daily schedule adherence through supervision of up to 16 direct report coach staff. Authorized to initiate employee counseling and disciplinary action through verbal/written warnings, but defers to management on discipline matters that extend beyond employee counseling. This is an exempt position that reports directly to the Senior Program Services Manager. Potential for advancement to Program Manager through demonstrated conflict management and a proven high level of competency in oral and written communication skills.


  • RIENCE: Must have an Associate Degree in health services, early education, or social science from an accredited college or university or a closely related field and a minimum of (2) years of professional experience in the supervision of a human service delivery system, OR
  • Three (3) years of experience in a human services delivery system including at least two (2) years in a leadership role providing care and life skills training for individuals with medical, developmental and/or physical disabilities.


  • Post and maintain record of daily member ratios, making necessary coaches assignments to comply with DDD contract requirements and submit a copy to the Senior Program Services Manager no later than 9:30am.
  • In the absence of a Senior Coach:
    • Document member attendance daily and advise Senior Program Services Manager of all unplanned absences.
  • Coordinate all program outings following receipt of funds from Activity Department, to include verifying proper assignment of coaches and members to vehicles, delegating specific coaches as responsible for outing including management of member funds and medication; and verification of completed outing sheet upon conclusion.
  • Review initial incident reports submitted by coaches and obtain further clarification as needed. Provide a comprehensive written report to the Senior Program Services Manager.
  • Maintain vehicle keys and record all fuel purchases on log to ensure proper distribution and adherence to policy and procedures.
  • Monitor delivery of transportation program services daily to ensure proper coach adherence to DEC policy.
  • Maintain security of DEC facility and vehicle usage through careful monitoring and adherence to policy.
  • Review all program member confidential files prior to coach assignments and document acknowledgment of the same.
  • Record coach absences or tardiness on daily attendance log and transfer information to annual coach attendance calendar.
  • Cover any absence of coaches until a replacement coach is identified and available.
  • In the absence of a Senior Coach:
    • Coordinate coach & member chores to maintain property cleanliness per DEC policy, and verify completion prior to shift end.
    • Observe members for any physical changes and signs in behavior or demeanor that could be a result of illness, abuse, improper dressing or grooming, medications, etc. Report immediately, any observations of your own or program coaches to the Senior Program Services Manager and complete “Notice to Care Provider” to go home with the member.
    • Ensure coach adherence to daily program schedule and room usage.
    • Verify required paperwork (daily case notes, Outcome Data Sheets, attendance sheets, communication logs, outing sheets, toileting logs etc.) is completed thoroughly and accurately by all program coaches on a daily basis.
  • Monitor coach performance to ensure compliance with all DEC policy and procedures, providing coaching, counseling, and discipline as needed, including verbal and written warnings. Provide a copy of all coach discipline administered to the Senior Program Services Manager
  • Create and deliver Introductory Employee Review for all program coaches and provide printed copy of same to the Senior Program Services Manager.
  • Generate annual written assessment of coach performance prior to schedule evaluation meeting and submit electronic copy to Senior Program Services Manager.
  • Review bi-monthly program timesheets for accuracy making note of variations if necessary. Submit to Human Resources for processing.
  • Conduct monthly safety drills; generate reports and submit to the Senior Program Services Manager. Conduct bi-monthly program inventory to ensure sufficient back-up stock of daily supplies. Submit completed report to business office for processing.
  • Participate in all mandatory company training, in-services, and coaches meetings.
  • Work with members, care providers and loved ones to address any concerns and generate a written account of issue(s) presented. Seek mediation assistance from Senior Program Services Manager for all escalated matters; generate written record of concerns expressed along with agreed upon resolution; submit report to Senior Program Services Manager; and maintain record of transactions in member confidential file.
  • Comply with all state, federal, local laws, regulations and all DEC policies and procedures.
  • Perform all duties to professionally represent, exemplify, and champion DEC; uphold, respect and advocate for member rights; and other duties as assigned.
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$15.20 – $17.00 / HOUR

(depending on prior education, experience, & performance)

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In teaching life skills, developing goals, and encouraging clients and families, you’ll start to see your own friends, family, neighbors, and community in a new light. As a client works through a setback, you’ll see amazing examples of strength and commitment. This is not a job free of challenges – there are obstacles unique to each client – but it is incredibly rewarding to see the effect your effort has on the people we serve. You’ll find your own senses of respect, empowerment, and advocacy grow in proportion to your commitment to serve.

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