Understand, support and implement the goals/objectives of each enrolled member’s Individual Service Plan (ISP) through purposeful and age appropriate scheduled activities. All Associates are further expected to acknowledge and practice Developmental Enrichment Centers Core Values as stated below:

  • LOVE – Practice unconditional love toward each individual.
  • JOY – Happily perform our daily tasks and responsibilities.
  • PEACE – Value the importance of a peaceful environment.
  • PATIENCE – Take the time to address each individuals needs.
  • KINDNESS – Consider the needs of others before ourselves.
  • GOODNESS – Demonstrate ethical and honorable standards in all things.
  • FAITHFULNESS – Exhibit loyalty and dependability in our personal and professional relationships.
  • GENTLENESS – Patiently listen and respectfully respond to the needs of each individual.
  • SELF-CONTROL-Appropriately manage our response to daily challenges
    (Based upon Galatians 5:22)

Pay Rate:

$15.20 – $17.00

(depending on prior education, experience, & performance)

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