What People Are Saying 

“D.E.C. has been a very good program for my son. I like the activities they provide and the caring staff. I also love that it is based on Christian values. It means a lot to me that my son is treated with dignity and respect in a safe environment. Most importantly, my son looks forward to going there everyday. Thank you D.E.C. for everything you do.”

“At the time our former DTA closed, Nancy Younger was the Phoenix Director, and she made the decision to open Developmental Enrichment Centers (DEC). This allowed the clients who had become so close to each other to remain together. It also allowed the staff to continue to provide services to these same clients. A consistent environment is important to many like my daughter, Erica. At DEC, I have seen virtually no turn over in staffing as I have at other agencies.

Nancy and her staff make you feel like you are part of a family with their compassion and understanding. Who can better understand the special needs of these clients than someone who has walked this path? Nancy has instilled in her staff that the needs of the client come first. Nancy and the staff of DEC go above and beyond just the Day Program. Recently when Erica was in the hospital, the entire program staff came to see her. Of all the agencies we have been involved with, this was the first time any staff did that. To me, that just proves how much they care for the people to whom they provide services.

At one point, there was a problem scheduling Erica’s music therapy at home and DEC was willing to coordinate her therapy schedule with the DTA. DEC was willing to give up an hour of DTA services so that Erica’s therapy could be provided at the DTA program. This also shows how the client’s needs are considered top priority.

Over the past few years since Nancy has gotten such good staff and has eliminated turn over, Erica is happy to go to “school” as we call it. She looks forward to each day. She waits patiently each morning for the doorbell to ring – “They are here, tome to go!” DEC gave my daughter some independence from mom. Thank you Nancy and staff, we do appreciate all that you do.”

“It is with great pleasure that I write this “testimonial” for an organization that is absolutely the best around. I give thanks everyday that my son gets on the van; that he has a place to help him meet his needs; and a place that has become his extended family.

The staff is wonderful and caring and very respectful of each client. There are many trips into the community which the clients really enjoy. ‘The Dollar Store’ is a real favorite of my son. There are also trips to the grocery store to go shopping for the items that will be needed for Cooking Class. There are the frequent trips out to lunch, to the aquarium and Wildlife Zoo, Phoenix Science Center, and much much more.

I have to say that as a Phoenix transplant, coming from Long Island NY, I never thought that I would see the type of services that I was used to. Nancy Younger, Michael O”Neill and the rest of the staff have shown me otherwise.”


“What a delightful party you and your staff arranged for your clients and their families. The way Ann greeted different staff members and staffs’ response to her made clear the staffs’ kindly affection, yet professional handling of her. She called to them or asked questions in the midst of the hubbub. We so appreciate knowing that she comes to a place having activities and staff that she looks forward to spending each day with. She misses you and your facility on the weekend unless our family members have her.

The food was delicious. The tables were so attractive. The nifty favors of angels with lights were unexpected as was the great calendar for 2010. Ann was so tickled that she had made the centerpiece herself, and that she could present it to Kay to use at her home gathering Christmas Eve. Ann plans to cut and share it with everyone. We were reassured about the edibility when you told us that the clients used gloves during their artistic efforts.

Your niece, what an artist! Her clear and beautiful voice was so engaging. What talent to be able to sing that way, play both a keyboard and the violin and to capture everyone’s attention. We were heartened to hear the professionalism and her obvious piety when she called our attention to the meaning of the season and Christ’s birthday celebration. For this, too, we are in your debt.”

Dixie, Arnold, Kay & Beth