The Future of Developmental Enrichment Centers

“The Dream” Phase One

As DEC continues to grow, we anticipate the future of Developmental Enrichment Centers to include an increase in our programming to add medical support services. Oversite for these services will be provided by highly qualified nursing assistants and an onsite Registered Nurse. A second component to our services is the expansion of individualized training programs to enhance brain function and individual performance through a state of the art “brain-training” program administered through the highly successful and nationally recognized “Learning Rx.”

Our program services at this location will also include classroom space for community wide state mandated training for Direct Care Workers including: First Aid, CPR, Article Nine, and the DCW certification training program. Training classes and workshops will also be scheduled and offered to families in such areas as: social security, guardianship, behavioral management techniques, and methods to strengthening the family unity. Additionally, DEC will collaborate with Young Life Ministries “Capernaum” programs for youth with disabilites and offer our day program facility for weeknight Young Life meetings and special weekend events.

Volunteers from local churches will be offered opportunities to participate in our special training programs to enhance their knowledge and skills in working with children and individuals with disabilities. DEC will also host local conferences related to working with the individuals who are disabled in our community and the need for full inclusion within the faith-based community. DEC vehicles used during the week for day program services will be made available to partnering faith communities for use in Sunday morning transport of elderly and members who are disabled .

Leadership within the faith community will coordinate with DEC administration in providing counseling and support to families of disabled individuals and help connect them with other community support services.

The Future of Developmental Enrichment Centers will include the establishment of a campus for individuals who are developmentally disabled situated on a large piece of landscaped property. At the center of the campus sits a large building with wide double doors at the center and a welcoming portico to shield from the sun and rain. This building contains the reception area, hospitality room, recreation center, therapy room, nursing station, art studio, sensory center, computer lab, kitchen, dining hall, and individual classrooms. The second floor of the building houses the administrative offices, training/conference room, and resource library. The second floor may be accessed by either the central staircase or elevator located just off the reception area.

Encircling the main building are individual, six bedroom, three bath homes, designed to accommodate six residents and two staff. All homes face the main campus “Enrichment Center,” linked by a wide paved walkway. The exterior grounds offer a wonderful expanse of landscape gardens including individual vegetable and floral garden plots tended by the residents and clients. In addition, the campus contains small gazebos for private conversations, a baseball field, track, soccer field, and ample parking for staff and guests.