Volunteer With Us

Volunteering your time with children and adults with developmental disabilities is an experience like no other. Where else can you create deep, lasting bonds with individuals and families, while empowering them to reach new levels of respect, self-determination, empowerment, and self-advocacy?

Client from Summer Program

Developmental Enrichment Centers Volunteer Opportunities


DEC has unique Program Support opportunities for people to offer their time and experience to help our clients.  There are also General Support opportunities for various company tasks from answering phones to vehicle care.


In teaching life skills, developing goals, and encouraging clients and families, you’ll start to see your own friends, family, neighbors, and community in a new light. As a client works through a setback, you’ll see amazing examples of strength and commitment. This is an incredibly rewarding experience to see the effect your effort has on the people we serve. You’ll find your own senses of respect, empowerment, and advocacy grow in proportion to your commitment to serve.

We Love Our Volunteers!

  • Supportive & meaningful way to give back to the community

  • Make a difference in the lives of people with disabilities
  • Business partners: Share your knowledge & talents
  • Orientation & training provided, as necessary

  • Background check & fingerprint clearance required

  • So many ways to help: Program volunteers, trip volunteers

Volunteer opportunities

Volunteers are an essential component to the services DEC can provide. Everyone has something to offer. Some of our volunteer opportunities have age or certification requirements, but we work diligently with our volunteers to ensure that each person is in the best position to use their time and talents. Working to support our clients with disabilities is challenging and rewarding. Call us today or choose a link below to find out how you can tap into this meaningful way to give back to your community.

Supporting our clients with developmental disabilities is challenging and rewarding. Please call us today at 602-993-5153 to find out how you can tap into this meaningful way to give back to your community.